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Success Stories
Success Stories Hcg Diet Ireland
Amazing Results
After two rounds of the HCG Protocol, I have dropped 50lbs in just 3 months, and most importantly, I have been able to maintain my current weight. The HCG plan empowered me to do something I never thought I would be able to do – I had accepted the notion that I would just be overweight the rest of my life, but then I discovered HCG and I feel better, more energized and focused than I have since high school.” Jim M.
Success  Hcg Diet Ireland
Permanent Weightloss
This was the easiest and most successful diets we have ever done! I lost over 75 lbs and my husband has lost over 90 lbs. It was wonderful to do the program together & support one another." -Kim & Tom G.
Amazing Weight Loss
Hcg Diet Ireland
“I began the HCG program in September of 2010 at 230lbs. and by February of 2011 I was 170lbs. I completed three rounds of the plan as it was prescribed and 60lbs. just vanished. People who have known me for quite sometime often don’t even recognize me at first. They all think I must have been killing myself in the gym or maybe even got sick . . . nope, I just did the drops and dropped the weight.” Mike A.
liz hcg diet success stories before and after pictures
“Every time someone asks “how did you do it?” I tell them it was simple- I followed the HCG Program. I lost almost 60lbs and have easily been able to keep the weigh off. I have reached my “goal weight” at 121lbs. I have a healthy BMI for the first time in my adult life. I am full of energy and overall feel great! My only regret is that I did not know about this program years ago.” -Lizz D.
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